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Aubrey Whymark BSc MSc FGS
Wellsite Geologist, Geosteerer & Biosteerer
I often utilise my free time to research areas of geology outside of my work remit. Some of these have, or may have, future practical applications. I am an extremely passionate about all areas of geology! My research interests include (but are not limited to):

  • P lanetary geology with a focus on cratering processes and the associated ballistic ejecta.

  • G eohazard research, something that enables me to use my skill set to contribute to the local community.

  • Macro-palaeontology.
Planetary Geology
Planetary geology, also known as astrogeology, is the study of geology on other celestial bodies, encompassing planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteorites. This is an extremely diverse field. My specific research interests in this upcoming field are:

  • The ballistic ejecta of asteroid impacts, focusing on tektites. I have a high level of expertise in this field. My primary research area is in the source crater and ballistic ejecta of the Australasian tektite strewn field.

  • Cratering processes and impact lithologies.

  • Meteorites.

  • Re-entry processes for distal ejecta, with a further interest in re-entry processes for asteroid mined material.

  • Asteroid mining technologies.
​I have written numerous articles on tektites (distal impact ejecta).
My interest in geohazards is derived from my move from the UK to the Philippines. The Philippines is susceptible to a great number of geohazards. I enjoy researching on this subject and it allows me to promote awareness and give something back to the community.

  • Earthquake risk.

  • Tsunamis risk (earthquake and cosmic impact derived)

  • Liquefaction risk.

  • Landslide risk.

  • Volcanic eruption risk.

  • Typhoon and extreme weather risk.

  • Flooding risk.
​I research natural hazards in my adopted home.